One of the oddest things about muddling through an extended DVD menu is that there may very well be treasures untold hidden in plain sight. These five Easter Eggs, only marginally related to their namesake and twice as sweet, await you!

1. "Thriller' ("Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within")

This is a classic Easter Egg, given that it's over a decade old. The Easter-Egg-on-the-face for Columbia is that the hidden "Thriller" dance is more popular than the film itself.

2. Ro-Dead Commercial ("Ratatouille")

When it comes to Easter Eggery, the Pixar people have ruled the roost for years. Some of their coolest animated extras break down a specific genre, tone, and style of a bygone era. A sterling example is the charmingly cheesy "Ro-Dead" commercial that can be dug up on the "Ratatouille" Blu-Ray release.

3. The Answering Machine ("Adaptation")

There was once a working phone number that appeared when the red telephone on the Adaptation menu was clicked. Legend has it that the number now simply goes through to the switchboard at Columbia Pictures, finally giving you the chance to ask them when they're going to release a "Final Fantasy" version of "Moonwalker."

4. Tyler Durden Warning Screen ("Fight Club")

Yes, it's true that right after the FBI Warning screen there's another one that looks exactly like it that features a message from Tyler Durden. Yes, it says things about how you're a puppet of society and you have better things to do with your time. Yes, your parents still think you're a pothead when they catch you talking about this.

5. Sock Puppet Epic ("The Incredibles")

It turns out that this one kooky animator at Pixar took the time to film an abridged sock puppet version of the movie everybody was toiling over to make under budget and on time. The staff ate it up. In other news, if you do this at any other company in the world besides Pixar, you will be fired and possibly never allowed to go near socks again. Get back to work.