Wouldn’t the world be a better place if all of our problems were simply solved by a dance-off? Imagine if you owed somebody some money and you could simply do an impromptu waltz to stave off a beating. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Of course it probably wouldn’t work but that’s not what the cinematic world would have you believe. Dancing has long been used as a problem solver in Hollywood with most proving to be quite entertaining too! Here are the 4 most insane dance battles in movie history.


“West Side Story”

The Jets vs. the Sharks. Depending on whether it was set in the air or under water, I think we each know who would win that battle. But on the violent New York streets any one could win. The opening scene of this classic musical sees each of these urban gangs partake in a great dance-off to the tune of Leonard Bernsteins’s great score. It’s mesmerizing stuff.



Even though there is no dancing in this walk-off, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s preposterous models strut as if they were throwing down some shapes. And with David Bowie and Billy Zane in attendance you know there was some partying going down after the cameras were turned off. Fancy footwork, break dancing, and various incarnations of the robot also show that they know how to bust a groove too.



Mike Myers' final installation to the "Austin Powers" trilogy sees Britain’s second favorite spy, Austin Powers, have a dance off with Britney Spears. The duo attempt to out-stare and out-slap each other but it's Austin’s mojo that sees him the victor over the pop queen.


“Starsky and Hutch”

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s attempt at a comedy wasn’t actually that funny but it did have some hilarious dance moves, which pitted Starsky against Har-Mar Superstar. So in the end we were all winners.