Batman has his trademark Batmobile (or the Tumbler) to carry him around, while the X-Men have their Blackbird that adds to their swag. However, not all superheroes have swanky vehicles–in fact, most of them are absolutely unnecessary additions. Here is a list of four of the lamest superhero vehicles in movies.


1. Owlship – "Watchmen"

Forgive me for being biased, but Nite Owl just seems like a cheap imitation of Batman or superheroes that wear masks. And on top of that, he moves around in an airship that looks like a huge owl and is called the Owlship? Beyond lame.


2. Freeze Mobile – "Batman & Robin"

Just because Batman has the Batmobile does not mean that Mr. Freeze needed one too. And it didn’t have to be called the Freeze Mobile either. A car that simply does what its owner does as well, well that is called being extremely predictable, and wait…you guessed it, lame!


3. Fantasticar – "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer"

Notwithstanding the fact that the "Fantastic Four" movies have been one of the most boring and useless (besides Jessica Alba of course), what is the need of the Fanasticar when all the superheroes can move around pretty well on their own? Also, if it’s called the Fantasticar, it’s definitely not cool.


4. The Giant Duck – "Batman Returns"

While Mr. Freeze’s Freeze Mobile was just product design gone wrong, at least there was a connection between the car and its owner; however, the reason why The Penguin has a duck to move around through Gotham City’s narrow water channels is one dilemma that I will never be able to figure out.