The 4 Best Places to Watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Tuesday, December 27 by Joseph Gibson

An Airplane

inflight movie.jpg

Airplanes can be pretty boring. You’re cooped up in an uncomfortable seat next to a stranger for hours at a time. So it’s up to you to amuse yourself – enter “Sunny,” the perfect antidote. After a healthy seven seasons, there are enough episodes to fill up even the longest international flights, so you’ll have arrived at your destination before you know it.

A Bar

paddys pub its always sunny.jpg

Assuming you know a bar as quiet and secluded as Paddy’s Pub (the bar that the characters in the show own and work at), it would be as good a place as any to watch “Sunny.” Similar to watching at home, it would be tough to beat the bar on screen in terms of misery and disappointment, so you’re bound to come out with a positive outlook on your own life. Plus, there’s a ton of alcohol, which is always fun and a good idea. Bottoms up.

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