Leave your wallet in your pocket when you check out the 4 best Hulu movies you can watch for free. The only thing better than free films are saving orphanages from evil madmen, but your calendar is really full until next year. Feel the computer’s siren call as it tramples any urge you had to play hero.

“The Man from Nowhere” An ex-special ops soldier-turned-pawn store worker gets dropped between a drug deal gone bad, which ends with the kidnapping of a little girl who he’s developed a fatherly affection for. Everything starts to unravel as he makes a deal to mule for the drug dealers but is betrayed and arrested just after finding the mother’s body. He learns the drug deals aren’t just drug dealers but organ harvesters and sets out to deliver vengeance for his presumably dead little friend. Cha Tae-sik’s escape from the police station is a display of speed and intelligence, which sets it apart from the normal shoot ‘em ups most escapes tend to rely on.

“Snatch” The sophomore effort from Guy Ritchie comes off strong with a continuation of his delight in the random connections between various shady ne’er do wells. “Snatch” is filled with a metric ton of laughs and action that will have you shaking your head as the trouble-filled situations keep piling up. You will never have to worry about boredom setting in with this free Hulu movie. “Bullet Tooth” Tony’s foiling of the robbery at JG pub is the classic Ritchie dialogue and action blend that earned him fans.

“Adventures in Babysitting” Capturing the sweet days of yore when kids were destructive forces of nature and babysitters had no fear of being caught on teddy bear nanny cams stealing food, “Adventures in Babysitting” is '80s comedy perfection. A simple drive to pick up a friend puts Elizabeth Shue and the kids in a world of crazy people and crazier events. This is one of the greatest free movies on Hulu because you get to see a snapshot of the 1980s along with comedy that still translates across the decades. Don’t miss the ever present musical number as the kids perform at a blues club during their madcap run from very pissed off car thieves.

“Glory Daze” A college movie that rises above the clichéd apathy that haunts students who don’t know what they should do as graduation looms on the horizon. The good old days are memorialized on every surface in the group’s house as constant reminders of their past and present. As the guys struggle to relive the past, they get forced into confronting their necessary adult futures with apprehension, humor and turmoil. By taking its characters seriously, “Glory Daze” allows them to laugh at themselves and each other with sincerity. The political correct spew that results from Ben Affleck’s argument with a publicly affectionate couple is a scene that should resonate with anyone who’s ever broken up at college.