Shut your brain off as you toss the three worst Brett Ratner movies, listed below, into your entertainment system and delve into the rough seas of cinema. Many producers, directors and actors have lent their name to some bad movies, and Mr. Ratner is no different. But that shouldn’t make you write him off completely. Instead, take the good with bad, or in this case really bad.

"X-Men: The Last Stand." This could have been a cool movie. Unfortunately, the heroes and villains are just lacking the type of emotional connection needed to make audiences care if they survive or not. Lead villian Magneto does have one brutally ridiculous scene where he rips out the Golden Gate Bridge to use as...a bridge. However, is on-screen charisma disappears when he casts aside fellow mutant Mystique for losing her power. For some viewers, this starts opening questions as to how Magneto could ever have been considered a great leader. With a lack of connection and goofy but uncreative usage of mutant powers, this film becomes a bummer of a Brett Ratner movie.

"Red Dragon." The main draw of a villain like Hannibal Lecter is his intelligence, and in “Red Dragon” Lecter's past cannibalistic intentions step on this genius. A movie about serial killing should ensure shivers will run down your spine, but without the pervasive feeling that Lecter is already three moves ahead of you in a game of chess for your life, it becomes just your average horror gross out film. Lecter, even behind bars, should still be the most powerful draw for your attention. But instead, the comically named “Tooth Fairy” gets the focus and instead of supplementing the interactions between stars Anthony Hopkins and Edward Norton, the new killer battles for the viewer’s attention to the detriment of the film. You do get a nice little peek into Lector's past, so enjoy that while watching the rest of this Brett Ratner film, which clearly isn't his best effort.

"Rush Hour 3." One of the surest ways to kill a successful duo is to throw in a new sidekick. That’s what you get with new taxi driver George in “Rush Hour 3." Introducing new characters means showing the audience that you don’t have faith in the original stars to pull the movie off. George the cab driver, played by Yvan Attal, although amusing, is a crutch thrown at Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Thought they might not have needed it, audiences will never know. This movie may have even survived a new character, but by placing the storyline in France, Ratner also throws Tucker and Chan into a country neither is familiar with. Betting that the ignorant character Tucker portrays will find new fuel from a new setting, Ratner comes up empty as the jokes are old, boring and mean spirited. Instead of the wide eyed goofiness that Tucker's character brought to the first two "Rush Hour" movies. This is probably the worst Brett Ratner movie on the list because of the apathy shown towards the characters, not to mention the audiences that bothered to show up.