Everyone loves a good horror flick. Over the years there have been some classic horror films that featured blood and gore, heart stopping moments, psychotic villains, gruesome monsters, and things that were so scary that they were difficult to explain. Many of these classic movies were remade several years later. While some went on to enjoy box office success and critical acclaim, many were simply awful. Below are three of the best and worst horror movie remakes in film history.


The Best - "The Ring"

One of the scariest PG13 movies of all-time, 2002 horror film "The Ring" was a successful remake of the 1998 Japanese film, "Ringu." The movie is about a cursed video tape, where those who watch it end up dying mysteriously seven days later. The movie is creepy because the monster is a decayed young girl who, during one scene, came straight out of a television set. 


The Best - "Piranha"

One of the goriest movies to make this list is "Piranha," a 3D remake of the 1978 classic. What makes this movie successful are the special effects used to depict the killer fish. Badass! There is also plenty of carnage as limbs, severed torsos, and gallons of blood litter the fictional Lake Victoria. An added bonus that was not featured in the original is a nude, exotic underwater lesbian scene between porn actress Riley Steele and sexy Kelly Brook


The Best - "Dawn of the Dead"

One of the few zombie movies to make over a hundred million dollars, "Dawn of the Dead" was a success in the box office. What made this movie successful was the zombies. While George Romero's zombies lumbered slowly, the 2004 version had the zombies come at their victims fast and pissed off. One memorable scene featured one of the survivors bragging about taking out a zombie-turned Rosie O'Donnell. 


The Worst - "Amityville Horror"

While the original was not all that great, the second one was even worse. Despite having a slight cult following, the film did not deserve to be remade. Additionally, the remake failed to capture some of the suspenseful scenes of the original and Ryan Reynolds' performance was mediocre at best. This is one remake where the entire film should have hit the cutting room floor, never to return.


The Worst - "House of Wax"

The remake of the 1953 film was so desperate to be successful that it created a role for Paris Hilton. It didn't work as the "One Night in Paris" star was just as unspectacular as the rest of the cast. However, the film did have one redeeming quality–Hilton's character ended up with a wooden steak through the noggin'. 


The Worst - "Psycho"

There is a good chance 60% of the world's population didn't even know that some schmuck tried to do a remake of the Hitchcock classic, "Psycho." A big reason for the remake's failure is that it was grossly miscast. Seriously, Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates? Not even a naked Anne Heche was able to save this clunker.