The 12 Funniest Names In Hollywood

Monday, January 9 by

Scatman Crothers

Films: The Shining

“Scatman” can mean two different things. Either this:

Or some other video that would cause me to get fired or arrested if I posted.

Or the name could mean both. That would be weird.

Randolph Mantooth

Films: LA Law (TV), ER (TV), As the World Turns (TV)

Father of Wes? Husband of Saint Dorothy?

Shia LaBeouf

Films: Holes, Transformers, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I was completely shocked to learn that his parents smoked a lot of pot. LaBeouf is (misspelled) French for “The Beef.” And “Shia” is French for “shit.” Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce, “Shit The Beef.”

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