The 12 Funniest Names In Hollywood

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I’m going to introduce this article in two different manners – the way I feel I’m supposed to introduce it and the way I want to introduce it. 

The way I’m supposed to introduce it: What’s in a name? In Hollywood, many actors trade on their names alone, so having a distinct moniker can serve an actor well. For instance, once you hear the name “Delroy Lindo,” you’re going to have it etched in your brain for quite some time. So it should come as no surprise that many of these distinct names can elicit quite a chuckle, as a funny name is, inherently, a funny name. So please join me as we examine some of the funniest names in Tinseltown!

The way I want to introduce it: Here are some funny names. Go f*ck yourself.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Films: Sherlock (TV), Star Trek 2

Believe it or not, Benedict Cumberbatch is British. I also theorize that he has a cup of tea surgically fused to his hand at all times, but I haven’t gotten close enough to him to try to rip it out of his hand and know for sure.

Delroy Lindo

Films: Domino, Get Shorty, Gone in 60 Seconds

Literally translated, “Delroy” means “of Roy.” I haven’t been able to ascertain Lindo’s father’s name, but his son is named Damiri, which means that my hopes of meeting Deldelroy Lindo are waning. Get to f*ckin’, Delroy! And make it a boy! And name him Deldelroy!

CCH Pounder

Films: Avatar, Face/Off

She sounds like a line of extreme hockey equipment. “CCH” stands for Carol Christine Hilaria, her birth name.

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