The 12 Biggest Flops Of The Past 12 Years

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Sahara (2005)

Overtime, the costs of a multitude of producers, writers, and on-location bribes caused the costs to create Sahara to balloon to $241 million. There’s no way to recoup that kind of pricetag with such an overburdened film that tried too hard to please everyone at the same time. As a result, the film itself was a mishmash that suffered from far too much studio interference. Instead of kicking off an Indiana Jones-like series of adventure films starring Matthew McConaughey, Sahara only burned cash and wiped Steve Zahn from existence. Thanks for nothing, Disney.

The Alamo (2004)

Considered one of the biggest bombs of forever, The Alamo lost $120 million. Reasons for this were after test screenings clocked in at three hours, significant cuts had to be made to get the film down to just over two hours. Those cuts didn’t help the subject matter any as the final product (though historically accurate) was too boring. You can’t expect all of your business to come from high school history class trips. Texas is big, but not that big.

Gigli (2003)

Gigli’s overexposed stars helped sink this comedy before it even saw release. After a seemingly endless string of tabloid coverage about “Bennifer,” the annoyed public was ready to vote with their dollars by avoiding Gigli in droves. Produced for $54 million, the movie followed Ben and Jennifer “J. Lo from the Block” Lopez and some disabled, Baywatch-obsessed idiot kid that they were keeping an eye on. With a logline like that, it’s no wonder it only earned $6 million domestically and just over a million more overseas.

If anything, it proved to be an important film. It showed the movie-going public that they can break up annoying couples by simply ignoring them. Now, if we could just get Tori and Dean in a movie together…

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