The 12 Biggest Flops Of The Past 12 Years

Tuesday, February 7 by

Speed Racer (2008)

Another fun movie that didn’t deserve to be shunned by audiences. The Wachowskis‘ Matrix follow-up was totally awesome. Meaning, watching it makes you full of awe. The visuals are insane and, yes, the story is a little cartoonish but for good, obvious reason. Plus there’s ninjas and ninja-fighting. That’s an element that was sorely missing from the source material. That and sequences so fast-paced they could blind a chicken.

The Invasion (2007)

Still coasting off the success of The Others, flop queen Nicole Kidman couldn’t score another hit with The Invasion. Budgeted at $80 million with a take of half that, audiences cared to see this Invasion of the Body Snatchers retread about as much as they wanted to see The Stepford Wives, The Interpreter, The Golden Compass, Bewitched, Australia, and Nine.

Poseidon (2006)

Talk about a disaster. Designed to be an early summer blockbuster, the movie completely tanked in its first weekend. It made up a good amount of its rumored $180 million overseas where people will watch anything but not enough to turn a profit. Though it does give you the pleasure of seeing Fergie and Kevin Dillon killed in extremely painful ways, the wish fulfillment is not worth the price of admission.

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