The 10 Most Powerful Women In Film

Saturday, June 15 by Sasha Moody


Hollywood has hundreds and thousands of actresses, some known by the whole world, while others only have small roles in independent films that almost no one has seen. Who really rules the film industry and runs the show? In this industry we know that you have to be hard core and cut throat to survive–so what exactly do you have to do to make it to the top? The answer may just surprise you. Here is our list of the ten most powerful women in film today.

"Anne Sweeney"


Anne Sweeney is definitely one of the most powerful women in film. In 1996 she joined the Walt Disney Corporation as Vice President. At the same time she was President of ABC and every channel that came under ABC. Furthermore, she is also on the board for A&E. Because of her work, she has been given many awards such as being put on the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame.

"Bonnie Hammer"


Before becoming the Chairwoman of NBC Universal Entertainment group, which gave her infinite power, Bonnie Hammer was an executive at Lifetime, where she took part in many films and documentaries. Now she oversees many channels and film productions on article-2298005-18DA2E69000005DC-672_634x455.jpg

Amy Pascal, another very powerful woman in film is the co-Chairwoman of Sony Entertainment and Columbia Tri-Star entertainment. She is in charge of development, production and marketing of many projects from both companies.

"Abbe Raven"


When Abbe Raven started out, she was at the bottom of the cable TV business. Now however, she is the President and CEO of A&E, putting her in charge of numerous channels and television shows.

"Dana Walden"


Another very strong and influential woman in film today is Dana Walden. Walden says that she was obsessed with television from a very young and and would wake up at dawn every morning to watch cartoon. This is probably what pushed her to do so well. Today Walden is the Chairwoman of 20th Century Fox.

"Nina Tassler"


A graduate of Boston University, Nina Tassler is the President of CBS entertainment. She oversees expanding the genres, programming and production for all the shows and films that come under CBS.

"Nancy Dubuc"


The gorgeous Nancy Dubuc works as a Chairwoman of A&E. She oversees production, marketing and the direction of many shows as well as manages many channels such as Lifetime, History and A&E. She will take over Abbe Raven's position when she retires.

"Donna Langley"

Donna Langley, only 44, is the co-Chairwoman of Universal Pictures. She oversees the whole company and all it's endeavors. Universal Pictures has churned out some of the most successful movies of all time, such as "Ted", "Dr. Seuss' the Lorax" and the pre-production "Fifty Shades of Grey".

"Kathleen Kennedy"


Kathleen Kennedy, a very famous film producer worked on projects like "E.T" and "Jurassic Park". She went on to form her own company with husband Frank Marshall and friend Steven Spielberg, Amblin Entertainment. Her company has churned out a number of successful films such as "Gremlin", "AI" (Artificial Intelligence) and "Saving Private Ryan."

"Sue Kroll"


Sue Kroll is not only one of the most powerful women in film, but one of the most powerful people in film, period. She is the President of Worldwide Marketing, Warner Bros. Pictures. She heads all major campaigns and makes sure every film has enough press worldwide before it is released.

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