The 10 Meanest Things Muppet Fans Said About Me Last Week

Wednesday, November 30 by

Kim Callaway Lee

Alright, now this stung a bit. It can be argued that I’m a bit of a shut in, certainly. I enjoy reading and watching movies in the comfort of my home. I’m not a social butterfly. But, Kim, I really don’t see how this condition impacts my knowledge of the Muppets. To be fair, I gave your suggestion a chance. I went out to a bar last night to see if the people there could help me to learn more about Muppet history. You might be shocked to read that they were very rude to me. Some used foul language and implied certain things about my sexuality. At any rate, I assure you I learned more about the Muppets online than I did when out and about. In regards to your son, I have no doubt he can name more Muppets than I can. But that doesn’t diminish the love I have for the Muppet films from my childhood. Also, he should probably cut down on the Muppet naming before 7th grade. I’m serious, those monsters will eat him alive.

Gina Yvet

These mean barbs were not limited to the Muppets Facebook page, but were leveled at me here in Screen Junkies own comments section, were I had once felt safe. Again, there were a lot of irate Pepe fans. And I do apologize. My only excuse is that he is clearly a 90’s era Muppet, and I’m stuck in the 80’s. And I do love shrimp. For this I make no apologies. It is really a fantastic food. What else can you enjoy equally both on ice or fried with coconut? Well?

Jennifer Kraemer Molinari

This one is on me. In my defense, I was up very late finishing the article on a deadline. My editor, a degenerate gambler, had threatened to harm my cat if I didn’t complete the piece on time. Also, I was slightly drunk. And I’ve got Crohns Disease. My doctor said it would affect my spelling, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Keep me in your prayers, Muppet fans!’

Thomas Powers

This guy nailed me on two different sites. It’s safe to say he didn’t like the article. I’m not sure why I had to have seen the film before writing my article, since it was published A DAY BEFORE ITS RELEASE. I was making no commentary on the quality of the film, or the specific roles the highlighted Muppets played in it. The whole point was to demonstrate my interest in seeing the film, and engage in a little Muppet talk with other interested film fans.

And again, I take issue with your “poorly researched” comment. I spent three hours looking up Muppet info on the web for that article. Were any of my facts incorrect? Aside from the issue with the term “lesser known,” which is subjective, to say the least. If I was wrong about the first appearance of a particular Muppet, please say so. But for the love of God, Tom, STOP HARASSING ME!

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