Just before Thanksgiving, Screen Junkies ran my article "9 Lesser-Known Muppets You'll See In The New Movie." My intent was to profile some Muppets featured in the film that might not be as well recognized by the general public, as opposed to icons like Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear. While nobody denies the Muppets have a devoted and passionate fan base, the gang has been out of the spotlight for over a decade. What was the harm in building a guide for the new, or perhaps lapsed, Muppet fans who might have been intrigued by the new film's ads but only remembered the Muppets from the front of their lunchbox? Along the way we could learn a bit more about the rich depth of Muppet history!

Well, that was the idea. And then die hard Muppet fans tore me a new asshole. I post these comments in the hope of defending my actions, and perhaps ending all the hard feelings I've generated. Or at the very least, preventing anyone else from keying "Muppet Hater" into the side of my car. Seriously guys, that was harsh.

Thomas Powers

OK, lets address this first: I never claimed to be a Muppet expert, but I do consider myself a fan. As a child of the 80's, I was raised on The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, and The Muppets Take Manhattan. It was the latter film that inspired me to start Ohio's first and most celebrated Dabney Coleman Fan Club. Aside from this, I had an impressive array of Muppet stuffed toys, as well as the complete collection of Muppet Babies McDonald's Happy Meal figures. Any or all of these credentials qualify me to look up Muppets I'm less familiar with on Wikipedia and report what I've found to the general public. Also, Tom, my article wasn't a "review" of the film at all. Just intended as a helpful tool!

Stephanie Foresta

I got a lot of complaints for including Pepe. Apparently, since being introduced in the 90's on Muppets Tonight, Pepe has become a high profile Muppet. I apologize for any perceived slight to Pepe fans. I have nothing against the character, I was simply trying to identify him for the small percentage of Americans who haven't watched a new Muppet film or show since 1988. There are only a few of us, but we have rights too. As for not liking my commentary, fair enough. I also never claimed to be funny. If it's any consolation, Stefanie, I get paid in rubbing alcohol.

Andrew Darren Whitakker

I got a few responses along these lines. One said "worst Muppet list ever," and perhaps it is. I certainly haven't read every Muppet-related list ever written, but I could see mine being on the lower end. Bottom 20%, easy. However, I do take exception to it being called "one of the worst lists". This implies that my work is being judged amongst every list ever written, on any topic. Surly the Internet has provided thousands of lists worse than mine. Many of them are on this very site!

Kim Callaway Lee

Alright, now this stung a bit. It can be argued that I'm a bit of a shut in, certainly. I enjoy reading and watching movies in the comfort of my home. I'm not a social butterfly. But, Kim, I really don't see how this condition impacts my knowledge of the Muppets. To be fair, I gave your suggestion a chance. I went out to a bar last night to see if the people there could help me to learn more about Muppet history. You might be shocked to read that they were very rude to me. Some used foul language and implied certain things about my sexuality. At any rate, I assure you I learned more about the Muppets online than I did when out and about. In regards to your son, I have no doubt he can name more Muppets than I can. But that doesn't diminish the love I have for the Muppet films from my childhood. Also, he should probably cut down on the Muppet naming before 7th grade. I'm serious, those monsters will eat him alive.

Gina Yvet

These mean barbs were not limited to the Muppets Facebook page, but were leveled at me here in Screen Junkies own comments section, were I had once felt safe. Again, there were a lot of irate Pepe fans. And I do apologize. My only excuse is that he is clearly a 90's era Muppet, and I'm stuck in the 80's. And I do love shrimp. For this I make no apologies. It is really a fantastic food. What else can you enjoy equally both on ice or fried with coconut? Well?

Jennifer Kraemer Molinari

This one is on me. In my defense, I was up very late finishing the article on a deadline. My editor, a degenerate gambler, had threatened to harm my cat if I didn't complete the piece on time. Also, I was slightly drunk. And I've got Crohns Disease. My doctor said it would affect my spelling, but I didn't think it would happen so quickly. Keep me in your prayers, Muppet fans!'

Thomas Powers

This guy nailed me on two different sites. It's safe to say he didn't like the article. I'm not sure why I had to have seen the film before writing my article, since it was published A DAY BEFORE ITS RELEASE. I was making no commentary on the quality of the film, or the specific roles the highlighted Muppets played in it. The whole point was to demonstrate my interest in seeing the film, and engage in a little Muppet talk with other interested film fans.

And again, I take issue with your "poorly researched" comment. I spent three hours looking up Muppet info on the web for that article. Were any of my facts incorrect? Aside from the issue with the term "lesser known," which is subjective, to say the least. If I was wrong about the first appearance of a particular Muppet, please say so. But for the love of God, Tom, STOP HARASSING ME!

Diana Fanning

I don't want to toot my own horn, Diana, but my original article was proof-read and approved by a panel made up of no less than Frank Oz, Brian Henson, President Obama, and Scooter. I'm not sure who else I needed to run it by, but their endorsement filled me with the confidence I needed to post my list. I guess in the future I shouldn't take the advice of the PRESIDENT and throw it right in the garbage because you find it disgraceful. I don't mean to get emotional, but re-reading all this rancor is tough on me.

Sam White

This comment was among several that were responding to a joke I made about Big Bird. I'd like to go on record and apologize for this joke, which was admittedly in poor taste. I often try to throw a bit of absurdity into my articles to get some extra attention. I felt there was nothing more absurd than the idea that Big Bird, known for his kindness and sweet nature, would hate Mexicans. It wasn't very mature of me, and I see now this was the wrong topic to make such a joke about. Aside from that, most people are aware that the only group Big Bird truly loathes are the Chinese. I'm sorry for the confusion.

Madison Mantas

Madison, I saved your comment for last. Let me tell you a little story. Several months ago, I told my girlfriend how excited I was for the upcoming Muppets film. I was shocked to learn that she was not a fan of the characters, and refused to see the film with me unless I took her to see a concert. I could have seen The Muppets alone, but our society won't accept a 31 year old male attending a Muppet film by himself. So I had the option of either waiting for DVD... or attending a Britney Spears concert. It was the most painful two hours of my life, and I've had a colonoscopy. Do you know what made it bearable? The thought of enjoying a brand new Muppet film in theaters. And it was worth it. But please, don't say that I'm not a "true" Muppet fan. I may not know the details of these wonderful characters the way you do, but I promise you, I paid for my ticket to this film with blood and sweat and nightmares that you can't imagine. I'm proud to be a Muppet fan. Now please, fellow Muppet fans, stop turfing my lawn.

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