The last decade saw the world change drastically with several wars and a massive dip in the world economy. If you found yourself down in the 2000s, you probably enjoyed a few of these TV pilots. After all, they do say TV is the opium of the masses.


"Friday Night Lights"

This 2006 pilot gives a taste of what life is like in Dillon Texas. Hint - it revolves almost entirely on the local high school football team. This warm and realistic TV pilot was made for sports fans who live and breathe for Friday night games.


"Grey's Anatomy"

This doctor-drama series started the night before Meredith Grey's first day on the job as a surgical intern at Seattle Grace. The pilot throws introduces Meredith's interns and soon to be best friends as well as her boss, who incidentally turns out to be last night's one night stand.



This UK series is the kind of fast-paced TV show that quickly becomes a cult hit in the first five minutes as unique characters throw around dialogue that's never dull. A group of misfits are thrown together to do community service when a freak storm hits and gives them superpowers - most of which are an unwanted inconvenience.


"Breaking Bad"

A brilliant scientist turned depressed high school Chemistry teacher gets diagnosed with cancer. Realizing that he's wasted most of his life by earning no respect and little money, our hero in "Breaking Bad" decides to put his skills to use by creating the most pure crystal meth ever made.



A plane crashes on an island in the middle of nowhere, randomly throwing together a ragtag bunch of survivors, or so it seems. By the end of the pilot, it appears that the island is infested with some sort of supernatural monsters, who kill the pilot.


"Six Feet Under"

"Six Feet Under" had a unique beginning to each episode, taking a few minutes to detail the death of a person, each of whom come to be buried at the funeral home run by the Fisher family. In the pilot episode it's the patriarch of the family who faces sudden death, causing the family to reunite.


"Desperate Housewives"

This show is almost a parody of suburban America, with it's cliched picket fences, perfectly manicured lawns, white teeth and "Pleasantville" like lives. When "Stepford Wife" like neighbor Mary Alice dies in what seems to be a suicide, the facade starts to crumble in this dark comedy.


"Mad Men"

"Mad Men" is a time capsule of the sixties. While keeping an intricate plot running, the show gives glimpses of urban culture of the 60s - office atmosphere, the lives of women, the past times of children. The pilot gives a hint of what it would have been like to be tall, dark and handsome in a time when men had great power over women than they do today, as their bosses and husbands.


"The Sopranos"

Tony Soprano's live is so complicated that the stress of it all sends him into a panic attack, after which he starts seeing a therapist. This unravels his links to the Italian mob, his father's influence on his profession, his parents' dysfunctional relationship, his own dysfunctional relationship with his wife and his children's increasing knowledge of his real job.


"Freaks And Geeks"

"Freaks and Geeks" is a show about a time when life was not as fast paced, before everyone was fluent in sarcasm and kids were troubled but not as vicious. Many of the characters in this realistic show about high school in the 80s went on to become successful actors.