Unlike previous years, it’s not hard to pinpoint the top 10 best sex scenes in movies for 2010. That was a great year for sex in movies. Taboos have been broken, beliefs were challenged and boobies were on display. Also, unlike previous years, major stars were willing to get naked and get freaky for the camera.

  1. "Black Swan". Stars Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman had the most talked about sex scene in movies of 2010. Their passionate make out session, coupled with some, shall we say more intimate kissing down below, while Portman’s character’s mom was just outside really lit up the screen and had tongues wagging for movie goers nationwide.  

  2. "Chloe". Although less popular than the Kunis-Portman coupling, the Sapphic connection between the characters played by Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore was no less worthy of recognition as one of the best sex scenes of 2010. Cougar Moore hires Seyfried’s prostitute character to seduce her husband, which she does. Seyfried then winds up seducing Moore’s character for good measure. Regrettably, the bisexual love triangle meme didn’t catch on that year.

  3. "Blue Valentine." This movie was also the subject of some controversy which earned it a spot on the list of best sex scenes for 2010. The controversy started because of the scene where Ryan Gosling’s character performs oral sex on Michelle Williams, who acted her little heart out in pleasure. The movie ratings board thought her performance was so realistic, they slapped the film with an NC-17 rating until Gosling and the studio complained.

  4. "Love and Other Drugs". Two of the stars of “Brokeback Mountain”, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal, reunite for this sexy story of a drug representative and a patient he meets. The boink-fest they have in the kitchen truly is one of the best scenes, not just in the movie, but for the year. There really is something about celebrity nudity that really makes a good film great.

  5. "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Film fans got to know the name Noomi Rapace in the first of what will be a trilogy of movies based on a series of books by the late author Stieg Larsson. While not terribly erotic, the sex scene involving Rapace’s character and her much older lover came out of nowhere and was surprisingly hardcore.

  6. "The Killer Inside Me". The desires of men and women across the world were answered by this movie and its hot sex scene featuring Jessica Alba. In the film, she play the town hooker who succumbs to the charms (and belt) of the deputy sheriff who has a thing for bondage and paddling. Ranked by most movie fans as one of the best sex scenes for 2010, it left them begging for more of Ms. Alba’s charms.

  7. "Hot Tub Time Machine". It was short, sweet, and to the point, but the sex scene featuring Jessica Pare left its mark. While Pare had never done a nude or sex scene before in movies, she changed her mind for this 2010 comedy in which she rides Craig Robinson in a hot tub and let her triple Ds fly.

  8. "Weeds". The only TV show on the list, “Weeds” is a drama/comedy starring Mary Louise Parker who plays a suburban widow who deals pot to make ends meet. The scene that ranked as one of the best sex scenes of 2010 was due to her full-on nudity with “Saved By The Bell” alum Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

  9. "All Good Things". This ranks as Ryan Gosling’s second visit to the best sex scenes of 2010 for his romp in the shower with Kirsten Dunst. Geek fans of her days as Mary Jane Watson in “Spider-Man” finally got to see what she was hiding under that sweater the whole time and they were pleased.

  10. "Piranha 3D". Lesbians were a big thing in 2010, but lesbian nudity in 3D took it to a whole new level as this horror movie proved. The short, but sweet sex scene in the movie between Kelly Brook and Riley Steele made the rest of this terrible movie worth watching.