Thank You Sir, May I Have Another: 7 Hazing Incidents In Film

Tuesday, November 29 by
I would spank the shit out of Kevin Bacon if I had the chance, too. "This is for 'Hollow Man'!" 

That time-honored tradition of college hazing is back in the news, as the director of Florida A&M’s band (yup, bands haze) has been fired after one of the band members died in an incident that is thought to be hazing related. Details about the death aren’t yet known, other than the 26 year-old band member was complaining about not being able to breathe on the bus after a game, then vomited and passed out.

Hazing has been depicted in films throughout the years, most often in movies about college life or the military. And while sometimes it does cost the involved parties their lives (indirectly), nothing depicted on this list ever caused a death (save for A Few Good Men).

See for yourself.

Full Metal Jacket

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