Terrorism is a scary thing to everyone, primarily because most people know so little about how it operates and carries out its attacks. Since September 11th, terrorism has changed America and the rest of the world as we know it, starting a number of wars and upping paranoia among just about everyone, especially in the Western world. One of the best ways to really get a grasp on how terrorism works and what is being done to stop or slow it down is through documentaries that have been made chronicling these dramatic and terrifying attacks. Three of these documentaries about terrorism are listed below.

"Loose Change".

This now-infamous documentary premiered on YouTube in the middle of the the 2000s to a lot of conspiratorial fanfare and received enough attention to get DVD distribution. It tells of a number of different pieces of evidence about how the attacks of September 11th may have been linked to a number of different conspiracies about stealing large amounts of money and creating a new world order. It's shockingly convincing, but riddled with holes.

"Terror in Mumbai".

This chilling documentary about terror follows the terrorist cell that attacked Mumbai in 2008, namely the Taj Mahal Hotel and various other locations around the city. It follows each event throughout the attacks through interviews, witnesses and found footage. It shows how vulnerable anyone is to terrorist attacks even if planes or bombs are not being used as weapons.

"Ghost of Abu Ghraib".

This documentary tells the results of the War on Terror when American investigators in Iraq were caught torturing prisoners who were believed to be terrorists. We've probably all seen the pictures of American Marines posing over hooded Iraqi men who were stripped naked and forced to pose in horrible positions. It shows not only that we can be as sadistic as the terrorists, but also shows the impossibility of the War on Terror.