Take a Time Out: 7 Violent Children in Movies

Tuesday, January 3 by Joseph Gibson

Hob, “hob robocop 2 kid shooting gun

Kids today just have no respect. Take Hob, for instance – sure, he’s living in the futuristic dystopian Detroit, but that’s still no excuse for him to be pushing Nuke at fourteen years old. In addition to his violent tendencies, he’s got a mouth like a sailor. His violent lifestyle eventually leads to his downfall, though, and he has a touching scene in which he shows the scared little kid beneath the tough facade to Robocop seconds before dying. It’s total bullshit, he’s much cooler when he’s beating people up.

Sadako Yamamura, “Ringu


The famous evil girl ghost from the Japanese movieRingu” is often called one of the scariest movie characters ever, and grim death she brings down upon her victims undoubtedly qualifies her as “violent.” Of course, she didn’t get to be a scary VHS-bound ghost without having some violence done on her, so it’s hard to blame her completely.

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