Take a Time Out: 7 Violent Children in Movies

Tuesday, January 3 by Joseph Gibson

Damien, “The Omen”

Damien the omen.jpg

Another member of the “demonic child” subgenre, Damien practices a subtler kind of violence. He doesn’t actually get his hands dirty, but violence seems to follow him around wherever he goes anyway. In the most chilling example, his own mother gets knocked off a balcony while he’s playing with his Big Wheel. He’s, uh, not too quick to call 911 after.

Kevin McCallister, “Home Alone

Best Child Actors of the 80s Macaulay Culkin

Just because the targets of violence deserve it doesn’t mean the practitioner is any less violent. By that token, Kevin McCallister is one brutal little bastard. He seems to take an outsized delight in booby-trapping his house to defend against two burglars after he’s left “Home Alone” for the holidays. And lots of pretty-grisly-when-you-think-about-it violence ensues, including a scalding hot doorknob and a nail through the foot.

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