Children are usually docile and easy to handle, but occasionally they're blessed with a touch of violence in their spirits. Particularly in movies, where violent children are in movies for laughs and chills. Here is your guide to the nasty little savages - these seven violent children in movies should be avoided at all costs, unless you're properly armed and/or a feared authority figure.

Regan MacNeil, "The Exorcist"

People who are put in charge of unruly kids will often say things like "it's like he's possessed!" when describing bad behavior. Unfortunately for Regan and her family, this happens literally to be the case. And she isn't possessed by just any garden-variety demon-- it's Pazuzu, the embodiment of evil,  and he practices violence on Regan herself and anybody unfortunate enough to cross her path. One guy in particular gets tossed out the window and ends up with his head twisted 180 degrees. Ouch.

Damien, "The Omen"

Another member of the "demonic child" subgenre, Damien practices a subtler kind of violence. He doesn't actually get his hands dirty, but violence seems to follow him around wherever he goes anyway. In the most chilling example, his own mother gets knocked off a balcony while he's playing with his Big Wheel. He's, uh, not too quick to call 911 after.

Kevin McCallister, "Home Alone"

Just because the targets of violence deserve it doesn't mean the practitioner is any less violent. By that token, Kevin McCallister is one brutal little bastard. He seems to take an outsized delight in booby-trapping his house to defend against two burglars after he's left "Home Alone" for the holidays. And lots of pretty-grisly-when-you-think-about-it violence ensues, including a scalding hot doorknob and a nail through the foot.

Hob, "Robocop 2"

Kids today just have no respect. Take Hob, for instance - sure, he's living in the futuristic dystopian Detroit, but that's still no excuse for him to be pushing Nuke at fourteen years old. In addition to his violent tendencies, he's got a mouth like a sailor. His violent lifestyle eventually leads to his downfall, though, and he has a touching scene in which he shows the scared little kid beneath the tough facade to Robocop seconds before dying. It's total bullshit, he's much cooler when he's beating people up.

Sadako Yamamura, "Ringu"

The famous evil girl ghost from the Japanese movie "Ringu" is often called one of the scariest movie characters ever, and grim death she brings down upon her victims undoubtedly qualifies her as "violent." Of course, she didn't get to be a scary VHS-bound ghost without having some violence done on her, so it's hard to blame her completely.

The Evil Kids, "Village of the Damned"

Sometimes violence can be psychological rather than physical. Particularly if the violent party in question has mind control powers. That's how it is with the creepy blond-headed kids in the horror movie "Village of the Damned." Their most notorious act of is mesmerizing a guy into shooting his face off with his shotgun.

Carrie, "Carrie"

OK, so teenaged high school outcast Carrie is older than these other kids, but she's in high school and her body count's higher than all of them combined, so it's OK. And she does it with telekinesis, which results in nice physically violent deaths for all the people at her high school who tormented her (and a few innocent people who didn't).