Cartoons are wacky, funny and often allegory or satire targeting politics and media. Would you like to share a bit of trivia at the next party or with your honey while watching a cartoon flick? Often, famous actors are the surprise voiceover talent that brings life to those animated figures. It's lots of fun discovering the voices and sharing this hidden knowledge as tidbits in your girl's ear. Here's the 411 on three favorites!

"The Flintstones" are still a popular cartoon attracting a wide audience and notable guest stars. Created by the formidable animation duo, Hanna-Barbera, the Hollywood guest characters often played parodies of themselves. An astonishing roster of top Hollywood actors lent their talent to the cave man replica of the "Honeymooners". Some of the voices included sexy "Ann Margrock" (Ann Margret)  and "Stony Curtis" (Tony Curtis).


"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" featured cartoon characters integrated with live action. The "toon" featured a stuttering talking rabbit cartoon, but the show-stealer was his wife. The ultra sexy and uber sultry Jessica, Roger's wife and nightclub singer, had not one, but two Hollywood actresses sharing the voiceovers. The speaking component by Kathleen Turner took full advantage of Turner's husky mezzo tones. Jessica's singing was dubbed by actress Amy Irving on vocals.

"Fat Albert" was  a jolly African-American cartoon character known  for  his trademark "Hey-Hey-HEY!" Created, produced and hosted within live action prologues and epilogues by comedian actor Bill Cosby, the cartoon featured Cosby as the voiceover talent. "Fat Albert" ran for twelve years, but in its prime inception, the music was composed by jazz great Herbie Hancock.