The Sundance Film Festival 2010 proved to be an extraordinary event, with many films going on to win future accolades in various award ceremonies. Robert Redford founded the fest in 1981 as a voice for independent filmmakers and it has since grown into a world renowned event.  Although many prizes were given, only a few filmmakers took home the most coveted prizes in the juried and audience categories. 

Grand Jury Prize for a dramatic film. Set in the Ozark Mountains, “Winter’s Bone,” is a thriller that captures your emotions as the film builds in intensity. The film is about a girl who must track down her meth-dealing father so they won’t lose their home. 

Grand Jury Prize for a documentary film. Filmakers Sebastian Junger of “Perfect Storm,” and Tim Hetherington live life with the Second Platoon entrenched in Afghanistan. The film reveals the relationships that develop between the men engrossed in the war.  

World Cinema Jury Prize for a dramatic film. The crime drama "Animal Kingdom" reveals the psychological dynamics of a family that has been immersed in crime for generations. The realistic personality portrayals reveal how evil is not necessarily ensconced in monsters.   

World Cinema Jury Prize for a documentary film. A theatre troupe travels to Korea in "The Red Chapel" in the hopes of infusing some humor into the right-wing regime. The film blends absurdity and subversiveness in an unforgettable mix. 

Audience Award for a dramatic film: The perky “HappyThankYouMorePlease,” was written, directed and acted in by Josh Radnor, star of “How I Met Your Mother.” Twenty something New Yorkers learn to navigate life in a pollyanish, humerous style comparable to a twenty first century “Candide,” minus the satire.   

Audience Award for a documentary film: A harsh commentary on the American education system, filmmaker Davis Guggenheim follows a handful of students through their school daze. “Waiting for Superman,” delivers the unrealistic suggestion that teachers can be the equivalent of educational supermen, ignoring the inconvenient truth of economic inequalities within society.

World Cinema Audience Award for a dramatic film: “Contracorriente” is a love story between Santiago (Manolo Cardona) and Miguel (Cristian Mercado). When Santiago drowns, he asks Miguel to bury him so he can rest in peace. The problem is is that the Miguel will have to reveal the nature of their relationship if he adheres to Santiago’s wishes. 

World Cinema Audience Award for a documentary: The film “Wasteland” follows the Artist Vic Muniz as he chronicles people’s lives as they go about their daily garbage picking in his native Brazil. His photographs are then transformed into works of art through the use of many creative mediums.