Summer films for guys need to provide either action and adventure or large doses of humor. Over the years, the summer is full of films that will attract male audiences with thrillers, super hero movies and horror films with just the right amount of gore. By the time the summer is over, there will have been a movie for almost any male movie lover.

  1. “Jaws” – “Jaws” is the movie that many critics credit with starting the summer blockbuster genre. This is a perfect summer film for guys, featuring a horror tale of a man eating shark terrorizing a small Sprin Break town. Steven Spielberg became a star thanks to this film.

  2. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” – Steven Spielberg took to the summer once again with this homage to the serial thrillers of his youth. Harrison Ford stars at Indiana Jones, an explorer who travels to exotic lands hunting treasure. In this movie, he battles Nazi’s while searching for the Biblical Ark of the Covenant.

  3. “Independence Day” – Will Smith was once known as the King of the Summer Blockbuster and he starred in this disaster movie. Aliens attack Earth, blowing up National monuments in different countries. It is up to a group of brave men and women to band together and fight the invaders to save the planet.

  4. “The Dark Knight” – One of the greatest comic book movies ever made is also one of the best summer films for guys. Christopher Nolan brought his second “Batman” film to life, turning the comic book film into a real crime thriller. Heath Ledger won an Oscar for his role as The Joker.

  5. “Armageddon” – An asteroid is racing to Earth, threatening to kill millions if a group of men don’t find a way to blow it up. This is the perfect recipe for a great summer film for guys. Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck star as two of the men sent to land on the asteroid and detonate a nuclear missile, hoping to knock it off course.

  6. “Gladiator”Russell Crowe stars in this Academy Award winning summer film for guys. The movie is s historical epic, following a former soldier turned Gladiator who sets out to seek vengeance for the death of his ruler and family. The movie was nominated for twelve Oscars, winning five.

  7. “Total Recall” – Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this sci-fi epic about a man in a world that sells “false memories” for entertainment purposes. When he is suddenly attacked and pursed by killers, he must find out what is real and what is not before it is too late.

  8. “Die Hard” – Bruce Willis became an action hero in this summer film for guys. Willis stars as a cop who is the only man that can stop terrorists who have taken a Christmas party hostage. The movie went on to produce three sequels with a fourth on the way.

  9. “Face/Off” – This is a guilty pleasure movie, one of the best summer films for guys. John Travolta continued to capitalize on his renewed popularity by starring in this action thriller as a cop pursuing his greatest enemy. He soon finds that the two men swap faces and everyone believes he is now the villain.

  10. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” – James Cameron directs this action sci-fi movie about a robot sent back in time to protect the future ruler of the rebellion in a war against the machines. The movie is a sequel that proves that sometimes the second movie in a series can surpass the original.