The hit FX comedy "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" will always push the limits of what they are allowed to show on TV, yet still be hilarious each time. The show follows our five main characters each episode who run Paddy's bar and usually find themselves going off on destructive mis-adventures to improve their own selfish lives. Along the way they will usually meet strange characters who they screw over or who screw them over. Some of these characters are one-off characters that you only meet in one memorable role in one episode; others are reoccurring characters who keep crossing paths with the Paddy's crew, much to their own collective chagrins. Check out the best side characters from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" below.


Brett is Mac's gay cousin who appears in the first season episode "The Gang gets Racist." He's hilarious portrayed by Ian MacKinnon and he helps to turn Paddy's into the biggest gay bar in all of Philadelphia. This leads to a number of hilariously offensive moments later in the episode, few of which are suitable for print!

Ryan McPoyle.

The main member of the McPoyle gang, Ryan McPoyle has a wispy moustache, is thin, probably sleeps with his sister and is perhaps the arch nemesis of the Paddy's gang. He regularly appears throughout the series, as he went to high school with the gang and was mercilessly tortured by them. Now he is slowly but surely exacting revenge on them, though it almost never works out. 

Liam McPoyle.

Ryan McPoyle's brother, he is always around when Ryan is around. He's just as weird as his brother and sister, engages in an incestuous relationship with them, and loves to be sweaty. He loves wearing a bathrobe and is, if this description wasn't enough, incredibly creepy. The darker joke is that these brothers were supposedly molested by their coach in high school.

The Waitress.

The Waitress is played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and is Charlie's love interest throughout the series. However, she can't stand him because Charlie is filthy and weird, so we're constantly seeing him rejected by her. She is used in a number of episodes by Dennis to get at Charlie. The funniest thing about her character is that she is actually Charlie's wife in real life.

Artemis DuBois.

Played by a woman named Artemis, this side character has appeared in each season in various episodes. She plays Dee's friend from acting class and might be Dee's only friend, though neither of them seem to like each other. She is very outgoing sexually, usually awkwardly so, leading to a lot of comedy throughout every episode.

Bonnie Kelly.

Bonnie is Charlie's mom and seems as sweet as any old mom would. But as you get to know her in random episodes where she appears you realize she has a dark, sexually explicit past that leads her to emotional outbursts on a regular basis. Frank may also be Charlie's father, because she once slept with Frank 30 years ago. But we never know.

Jack Kelly.

Jack Kelly is Charlie's uncle who may or may not have had relations with him as a child. The show's kind of ambiguous about it. He has small hands and likes taking pictures for his website. He is most prevalent in the fifth season where he rents a room from Charlie's mom and is always around. Creepy!