Very few children's toys keep a long shelf-life in the hearts of collectors, both young and old, like "Star Wars" action figures. From recreating the movies using whatever environment is available from trees to sand to snow, kids are drawn to the timelessness of the stories behind their toys. Whether creating new stories as a kid or being able to solidify your nostalgia, the realm of toys is a powerful force for both.

Han Solo in Hoth Gear. You would think the smarm would keep Han Solo warm but he needs his Hoth gear and its thick jacket to keep him in the land of the living. No longer a slave to the vest, Han gets some nice goggles to avoid going snow-blind and to prove that he can make even some goofy ski goggles look good. A perfect "Star Wars" action figure for those who have access to snow or a really powerful air conditioner. Family pets should fear this character as they could easily be mistaken for a warm, inviting Tauntaun to the very imaginative and morally flexible children.

Boba Fett. The "Star Wars" action figure that made mercenaries cool and the pursuit of money just as cool as trying to activate your own Jedi powers by squinting your eyes, crunching up your forehead and trying to get your television remote to fly across the room to your hand. With quiet menace and a clear talent of showing up where you'd least expect him to, Boba Fett was the villain that made the grey area between the light side and the dark side a new place to play with in their imagination.

Logray. Some might say that the Ewoks were just giant teddy bears roaming the forest but Logray proves that these bears have a religion and it doesn't shy away from wearing skulls as hats. With little bone bits on his spooky staff. As the medicine man for the Ewoks, Logray probably was the boogieman of the teddy bear world. In bringing magic to the blend of spiritual and scientific, this action figure from "Star Wars" allowed another facet to enter into epic action figure battles: that of Ewok voodoo. Not much is scarier than a teddy bear looking action figure that potentially could turn you into a pincushion if it comes to life.

Emperor's Royal Guard. If your work dress involves a cape and you're not a superhero then you better be as mute and threatening as the Emperor's Royal Guard action figures. These guys had such a perfect look that even though they received almost zero screen time; their image demanded that kids make up stories for them. With their impressive helms and Force pikes, they represented a mute, mysterious part of the "Star Wars" world that demanded attention. In a world filled with blasters, the guys holding the big spears are the ones you don't want to pick a fight with.

Cloud Car Pilot. Bringing a sense of style that makes you wonder if the helmet they're wearing is to protect a particularly soft skull instead of part of a required work uniform, the Cloud Car Pilot is all about making their own way in the world of "Star Wars". Of course their own way means being mechanically tied to another guy that looks just like you in a ship that looks just like yours but not everyone is served by rugged individualism. Besides the Ewoks, this action figure was a definite easy target for the living room "Star Wars" battles.