Star Maps: The Dingiest Celebrity Homes

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Glenn Danzig’s Sh*thole

This Los Feliz sh*thole once belonged to singer Glenn Danzig. He got into it with neighbors who objected to the stacks of bricks he kept in his yard. Finally, he bowed to pressure and removed the bricks, allegedly while yelling, “HER I AM MOTHERFUCKERS, JUST CLEANING UP MY MOTHER FUCKING BRICKS, BITCH!

That story and the fact that he was caught washing his Jaguar on Google Street View forced the singer to move to avoid being harassed by the public. He has since moved into Lucille Ball’s old house, which is rumored to be haunted.

Vincent Kartheiser’s Weird House With No Toilet

Vincent Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser is a bit of an odd duck. Unlike Pete Campbell, the character he plays on Mad Men, Kartheiser isn’t concerned with material items and has opted to give all of his stuff away and to live in a Los Angeles home withou mirrors or a toilet, which he describes as a wooden box. When he needs to make, he heads over to his neighbor’s house where they are tolerant of strange actor B.M.’s. He also doesn’t have a car and most often takes the bus.

Heidi and Spencer’s Trashed Rental Home

The world was shocked when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt announced that they were divorcing. Well, shocked that they expected us to believe them. In truth their see-through plan required them to live together as man and wife in a secret Malibu rental home. When they decided to stop laying low, the property owner alleged they left the place absolutely trashed. But the pictures look a bit too severe. I think that this story has been pumped up or completely fabricated from the start. I can see how an earthquake could do this type of damage. But not two reality television f*cktards. Nice try, you two. Do Heidi and Spencer expect us to believe they have powers like Hancock?

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