Squirrel Girl? 9 Marvel Heroes You Won’t See In ‘The Avengers’

Thursday, October 13 by


Like Wonder Man, Beast is a well loved Avenger, but he has one problem: He’s also a well loved X-Man, and he has been licensed out to Fox studios with all the other X-men. The Avengers and The X-men premiered in the same month in 1963, and have been sharing heroes and villains ever since. Scarlett Witch, Magneto and Wolverine are a few of the characters who have been utilized by both franchises. That kind of crossover probably won’t work between movie studios, however, and Beast fans will have to settle for seeing their hero as a cinematic X-man for the foreseeable future.


D-Man, often referred to as “Demolition Man,” is like the weird step cousin at Avengers gatherings. How did he get here? What does he do? Why does he smell like that? Is that Daredevil‘s old costume with Wolverine’s mask? Anyways, if you can answer any of those questions, you probably don’t work for Marvel Studios. Sorry, D-Man. We don’t care that you saved Captain America from a giant robot that one time.

Gilgamesh: The Forgotten One

Oh Jesus. Don’t get me started on Gilgamesh. This poor guy just screams “misbegotten” from the rooftops. Aptly nicknamed “The Forgotten One,” Gilgamesh mostly makes an appearance when some jerk like me makes one of these “Lame Heroes” lists. Well, here you go, Gilgamesh fans. Keep the dream alive.

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