Squirrel Girl? 9 Marvel Heroes You Won’t See In ‘The Avengers’

Thursday, October 13 by
The guy who thought up 'Squirrel Girl' must have been 'nuts'! GET IT? 

On Tuesday, Marvel Studios released the new trailer for their May 2012 epic, The Avengers. I was very excited to see footage of heroes like Captain America Iron Man Thor, and Hul fighting side by side, and I couldn’t help but wonder who will be added to the team as the franchise expands. Classic Avengers already on board include Black Widow and Hawkeye, and hopefully sequels could include Ant-Man, Wasp or Vision. There are some Avengers who you probably won’t be seeing, however. Along with the A-list the Avengers roster includes some characters that have been licensed out to other studios, some who haven’t aged so well, and some who are just too lame to make the leap to the big screen. Here are 9 Avengers who you won’t be seeing in The Avengers: Part 2… or 3… or 4.


One of the early “New” Avengers brought into the series during the late ’60s, Swordsman didn’t have a lengthy career with the team. In fact, he promptly quit, later rejoined, and was killed off in about 20 issues. Along with a crappy costume, even by 1960’s standards, Swordsman brought with him a power set that included… sword play. There were subsequent heroes to go by the name Swordsman as the years went on, but none of them lasted very long. Thank God.


Rage was a 13-year-old kid who, after being doused in toxic waste, morphed into a super strong 30-something. In addition to having the least thought out origin in history, his costume was a true artifact of the 1990’s. Rage was kicked off the Avengers when they discovered he was only a minor. Plus, the toxic waste thing probably creeped them all out.

Wonder Man

Wonder Man is actually fairly popular amongst Avengers fans, and has had a long and colorful history with the team. But the poor guy would have trouble being taken seriously by film fans for one key reason: his name. For the general public, the only “Wonder” superhero is DC‘s Wonder Woman, and any character with a similar moniker is only going to come off as derivative, even if his powers and origins have nothing to do with hers. Maybe they should change his name to something more distinct. How about “Glowing Red Eyes Flying Guy”? That’s yours for free, Marvel. You’re welcome.

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