Spike Lee: Dumbass Or Good Dude?

Tuesday, April 3 by

Hates Tyler Perry‘s Work

In one of his more awesome quotes, Lee said, “Each artist should be allowed to pursue their artistic endeavors, but I still think there is a lot of stuff out today that is coonery and buffoonery. I know it’s making a lot of money and breaking records, but we can do better. … I am a huge basketball fan, and when I watch the games on TNT, I see these two ads for these two shows (Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns and House of Payne), and I am scratching my head.”

Assuming you are not Tyler Perry, how could you possibly dislike Spike Lee after reading that?

Is your enemy’s enemy your friend?

Verdict: GOOD DUDE

Accidentally Broke Harriet Winslow’s Most Cherished Lamp

Hey. Accidents happen.

Verdict: GOOD DUDE

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