Spike Lee: Dumbass Or Good Dude?

Tuesday, April 3 by

Hates Jar Jar Binks

Ouch. Two for two. Things aren’t looking too good for Spike Lee right now. Let’s press on.

When quizzed about his take on Jar Jar Binks, Spike Lee responded, “You mean the science-fiction Stepin Fetchit? I haven’t seen it, but a lot of my friends, whom I respect, have.”

Well, it’s unfair for him to criticize without having seen it. But on the other hand, Jar Jar Binks is uniformly terrible and one note across the board. It is possible to draw one’s conclusions without seeing the film.

He does go on to say, “I just think George Lucas is out of touch. I think he’s out of touch with people in general. I guess that happens when you have more money than God.”

We think that too!!

“Lucas should speak to it [Jar Jar],” Lee says. “When stuff like this happens, I don’t think they should make the kid who played the part defend it. He didn’t know what he was doing. He was just happy to be in a Star Wars movie and was gonna do whatever George told him to do!”

Also a good point!! This Spike Lee is starting to make sense.

Verdict: GOOD DUDE

He Wore This Hat

Verdict: DUMBASS

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