"Top Gear" is fast, furious ,and incredibly male, to the point that most of the show consists of the three hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May taking part in an hour long pissing contest. In between this the trio often play with cars and over the years they have put themselves in equally perilous situations that have involved different automobiles. These zany antics have seen it become one of the most popular shows in the UK. So for those of you who have missed out, here are the seven greatest Top Gear moments.


Jeremy, Richard and James have never been afraid of a dangerous road trip. Which is good because one of there most famous excursions is when they each decided to travel to Africa, purchase a car for £1,500 and drive across the continent. Of course all does not go too swimmingly and Jeremy's car constantly falls apart along the way but Richard still finds time to name his car Oliver.

The amphibious cars

Everyone of us is still waiting with baited breath for the flying car but the "Top Gear" lads decided to go back from whence we came and created three floating cars. James and Richard's cars fail miserably but Jeremy is able to actually travel the length of the channel and touch down in France. Not bad, but a boat is still probably a better bet.

Robin Reliant space shuttle

Richard and James are often used as the most adventurous members of the "Top Gear" hosts and this is clear to see in one of the shows most memorable moments. Britain has longed to join the space race but no one ever believed it would be done using a car with only three wheels. 

James & Richard vs Jeremy

This episode was designed to see who could get a truffle from Italy to the top of the Natwest tower in London. James and Richard traveled in a little plane and via train whilst Clarkson made the journey in a Veyron with the winner not being clear to the very last minute.

Clarkson drives around the BBC

Jeremy decides to drive to work in the tiniest car ever produced, a Peel P50, and realizes that he can literally drive around the British Broadcasting Corporation's corridors. This involves interacting with several legends of the BBC such as different news readers and producers. Essential viewing.

DB9 vs Eurostar

Another race between Clarkson and the dream team of Hammond and May sees Jeremy attempt to race to Monte Carlo in an Aston Martin DB9 with Richard and James traveling on the Eurostar. Once again it is a close call and makes for some riveting television.

The race to Oslo

Yet again this pivotal moment included a race to Oslo, which for those of you who don't know your European geography is 1,320 miles. James and Richard travel via a plane, boat and bus whilst JC drives in a McLaren Mercedes SLR, each of which they have to sleep in.  Can you imagine the smell?