Space Junk: 5 Movie Satellites That Could Kill Us All

Thursday, September 22 by

The GoldenEye Satellite – GoldenEye

This is a different case of how satellites can actually be used against us. When an arms syndicate gets their hands on control disks for the dual GoldenEye satellites, they use them to cripple targets by hitting them with an electromagnetic pulse. The ultimate plan is to steal from the Bank of England before erasing all records and completely destroying Britain‘s economy. It can also be used to turn off your neighbor’s television during his favorite program.

Surveillance Satellites – Enemy of the State

A corrupt politician is hellbent to initiate a new system of surveillance satellites that can see anyone, anywhere. When evidence against the politician is planted on Will Smith, he has his team of NSA slackers retask satellites to spy on him and ruin his life. With his every move being watched, he finds that there’s no place he is safe. Not even at his aunt’s mansion in Bel Air.

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