Initially, you might find it difficult to find sorority movies that don't suck. But given a closer examination at the many films, you may see that some of them are not half bad. The following three films are about sororities and, if you gave them a chance, you might be surprised by how much they don't suck.

Trying to find a sorority film without wet tee shirt contests, drunken frat boy interactions and vapid stereotypes is like, well, trying to find an actual sorority without wet t-shirt contests, drunken frat boy interactions and vapid stereotypes. These films are the exception.

  1. "The House Bunny" If you find Anna Faris and her blank expressions to be annoying, you may want to avoid this one. If you find her charming, then you will absolutely fall for this silly comedy that is full of heart. Faris plays a Playboy bunny who is kicked out of the Playboy mansion for being too old (the geriatric age of 27). After becoming homeless, she stumbles upon a sorority house that inhabits a variety of misfits. Of course, many of these misfits are attractive girls that need a makeover, but some are actually odd and not just movie-odd. Lovely young actresses Kat Dennings and Emma Stone play two of those outcast sorority girls. The little Playboy bunny with the heart of gold helps the girls become more confident, while also falling in love with an intelligent college boy played by the delightful Colin Hanks. "The House Bunny" is actually funny and is the sweetest movie you will find that is about a former employee of Playboy.

  2. "Black Christmas"- There is a chance that you may remember the 2006 remake of the same name, but that was a sorority movie that did kind of suck. The one that did not suck one bit was the 1974 original. It's Christma break, and most of the students have gone home for the holiday. The girls of the sorority house have made plans, but those are interrupted by menacing phone calls and disappearing sisters. Olivia Hussey stars as the virginal Jess. Lois Lane herself, Margot Kidder, plays the loud-mouthed Barb. As we all know, loud-mouthed trollops have to die and sweet virgins put up one hell of a fight. "Black Christmas" was a template for all horror movies that followed. Some may say that "Halloween" was the creator of these films, but "Black Christmas" preceded it by four years. Without this film, "Scream" and all of the other impersonators would never have had the inspiration for taunting phone calls by a sadistic killer.

  3. "Sydney White"-  This 2007 film is very similar to "The House Bunny," and although sweet, doesn't have the same biting humor. However, "Sydney White" is definitely a sorority film that does not suck. Amanda Bynes plays Sydney, a college freshman who attempts to join a sorority where her late mother was a legacy. Since the current class of sisters are snobby elitists, she doesn't make the cut. Having nowhere else to go, Sydney finds shelter at a house that inhabits seven strange guys that are also outsiders. Sydney decides to live with them and attempt to help them find a place in the college, where they feel like a part of something. If the idea of a pretty young college freshman shacking up with seven dudes seems weird, you should know that it is clearly based on "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," which is an equally creepy scenario.