Product placement is a well-worn play in the playbook for Hollywood producers and directors. Companies will shell out tons of dough to see their brand onscreen, being used or acknowledged by a character within a particular movie. This trend toward product placement can range from laughable to downright annoying. That's why you have to give J.J. Abrams credit for his spin on product placement. Abrams makes a habit of inserting Slusho, his favorite fictional drink, into various movies and TV shows he has developed. Imagination is a rare ingredient in the product placement realm and Abrams should be congratulated for not going the lazy route and slapping a Coke or Pepsi product on screen. Keep an eye peeled for Slusho sightings the next time you watch any of these five TV shows or movies from Abrams:

"Star Trek" (2009):

In addition to boldly going where no one has gone before, cadets at Starfleet Academy can apparently still indulge in Slusho to their heart's desire in the 23rd Century. Uhura orders the Slusho mix, among a bunch of other drinks, at an Iowa bar right as she is being hit on by a young James T. Kirk and right before his bar-clearing brawl with several other starfleet cadets.


An addiction to Slusho is a prominent character trait for early season antagonist Elle Bishop. She is seen slurping down Slusho as a youth when playing a video game and as an adult while spying on Claire Bennet. Both times Bishop spills the drink. The first time on her video game, which brings out her powers, and the second time on herself when Claire startles her. Additionally, Greg Beeman, who portrayed Mr. Bennet, staged several promotional images of him drinking Slusho for his character blog while "Heroes" was still on the air.


Appearances of Slusho are more subtle in "Fringe" than some other places. Walter Bishop is seen drinking a Slusho at a crime scene in one episode. In another episode, Peter Bishop walks out of a convenience store with a poster advertising Slusho Pops-the latest frozen treat to hit the market.

"Super 8" (2011):

Slusho makes a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in Abrams' homage to early Steven Spielberg sci-fi films. Like with Fringe, it shows up on a convenience store poster advertising the addictive drink. Since "Super-8" is set in 1979, an era before rampant product placement, the subtle image works well here.

"Cloverfield" (2008):

Slusho formed a major part of the marketing campaign for "Cloverfield" before it was released into theaters. An official Slusho website was launched as a viral tie-in to the movie. Slusho T-shirts were distributed to attendees at Comic-Con 2007. And fans who registered on the Slusho website received e-mails containing fictional sonar images of the "Cloverfield" monster heading toward Manhattan. The Slusho website remains up and functional long since the movie's release.