This sitcom guide for 2010 proves that sitcoms have changed significantly since their heyday in the decades of the 80's and 90's. This is due to comedy shows expanding outside of the realm of just a few sets which are covered by multiple cameras, a live studio audience and set-up situations, expanding to single camera comedies which exist within locations with multiple characters, plots and story lines. That said, the multi-camera sitcom in front of a live studio audience is not extinct, it is just rarer then it was in the past. A quick and dirty guide to a full gamut of sitcoms on television in 2010 are available below:

  1. "The Office": Ramping up for it's final season on NBC, this hit American version of the British sitcom about the funny, mundane world of an office is still one of the best comedies, if not one of the best shows on television.

  2. "30 Rock": Regardless of the excellent writing and zany situations which "30 Rock" presents each week about the behind-the-scenes world on Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan's performances are worth twenty-two to thirty minutes of your time watching NBC.

  3. "Community": The newest NBC comedy about a community college may be the sleeper hit of 2010, with Joel McHale leading the cast of hilarious comedic actors whose names you don't know off the top of your head. Check out the episode stylized after the hit video game "Modern Warfare" to get a sense of this show at it's best.

  4. "Modern Family": A simple premise of a documentary crew following around an extended American family and documenting their lives allows for hilarious writing, incredibly performances and poignant moments, making "Modern Family" on ABC one of the best comedies on television in 2010.

  5. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia": Undoubtedly the most offensive, laugh-out-loud funny show on television, "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" is must see television when it's in full form, though easy to turn off when it is not. Check it out on FX Networks, on cable.

  6. "Raising Hope": FOX had high hopes for its comedy line-up in 2010, though they have been sorely disappointed. "Raising Hope," which is about a redneck family adopting an abandoned baby, has been one of the bright spots this year and is worth a view.

  7. "Running Wilde": Perhaps the biggest disappointment for FOX in 2010, as "Running Wilde" boasted the talents of comedic all-star Will Arnett and executive producer and writer Mitch Hurwitz, both of the genius (and canceled) comedic series "Arrested Development." While there are funny moments, "Running Wilde," the story of a billionaire who tries to go green in order to woo a woman, is a total mess.

  8. "Two and a Half Men": CBS's hit show about two guys and a teenager living together keeps doing what it has always done and somehow, despite Sheen's off-screen shenanigans / crimes, it keeps on working.

  9. "The Big Bang Theory": Dorks and hot chicks interact in their everyday lives. Guys love hot chicks and evidently women love dorks. Everyone loves comedy, though "The Big Bang Theory" is an acquired taste for some.

  10. "Better Together": An ABC sitcom which echoes back to sitcoms which peppered the 80's and 90's. Singles and couples living in a big city interact with each other, wringing out funny and moral lessons. A hit in the 80's, a dud in the modern age. Of course, it was renewed for a full season of episodes.