Get ready for things to get hot and heavy with sexuality movies. Sexuality movies serve a dual purpose; they can get your heart pumping with some of the hottest sex scenes to grace the silver screen, but, they also have the ability to make you think about the relationship between love and the complications that they cause in our lives.

  1. “Romance” (1999)- Don’t let the title of this sexuality movie fool you. While there is a lot of sex in this movie, it is pretty light on romance in the traditional meaning of the word. The theme for this movie is frustration and trying to define the true meaning romance. After years of living together, a school teacher's boyfriend refuses to have sex with her. To alleviate her frustration, she resorts to a series of dangerous sexual liaisons that leave her feeling hollow. This movie explores the relationship between romance, intimacy and quiet longing.

  2. “The Great Happiness Space” (2006)- This sexuality movie looks at the Host Boys of Osaka, Japan. Host Boys are groups of young Japanese men who are paid by women for companionship. While women from all sections of society use Host Boys, this movie focuses on a special kind of patron; prostitutes and call girls. When they’re done plying their trade at various clubs throughout the city, these women spend their money on the company of Host Boys. Most of the girls see Host Boys as nothing more than a good time while others spend with the intention of making their Host fall in love with them. It’s an interesting look at the emotional needs of the customers, the Hosts who service them and the difference between psychical and emotional prostitution.

  3. “An Affair of Love” (1999)- A film that was a bit ahead of its time, this sexuality movie takes a look at the budding hook-up culture that developed in the age of the internet. He and She meet online, and after exchanging a few emails, decide to meet in person for some naughty time. It would have been really easy for this movie to take a turn for a romantic drama as he and she continue an affair, but the fact that the pair decides to part ways just when it seems their relationship looks to take a turn for the serious makes it a compelling story about the sometimes positive possibilities of sex without the complications of love and relationships.

  4. “Lie with Me” (2005)- This sexuality movie looks at what happens when casual sex throws you a curve ball and asks for a relationship. Leila is a happily unattached woman who enjoys her sexual conquests. But when she beds a man who wants more of a commitment from her, their lives begin to get a little more complicated and not always for the better. It’s a hot and steamy look what we do when confronted with a choice between the emotional safety of casual sex and the risk of emotional attachment.

  5. “Sex and Breakfast” (2007)- Highlighted by a brilliant performance by Macaulay Culkin, this sexuality movie is the story of a young couple who has so little spark left in their love life. At their wit's end, the pair go to a therapist who suggests that they visit a sex group. At first, the group is just hot, sweaty, sexy fun, but it doesn’t take long for the introduction of new partners to affect their relationship.