Sexual movies for guys take many forms, whether they are sex comedies or dramatic sex films. The difference between these movies and other sexual movies is the guy factors that are raised in the film. Whether it is the gratuitous nudity or the biting comedy, these movies will excite almost any guy.

  1. “Sex, Lies and Videotape”Steven Soderbergh exploded on the scene with this indie sexual movie for guys, and he soon became one of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters. The movie stars James Spader as a man who tempts a sexually repressed woman to explore her sexuality through video.

  2. “Virginity Hit” – This micro-budget indie film was produced by Will Ferrell and is one in a long line of “real footage” movies. The film follows a group of friends chronicling the loss of their virginity and the crazy situations that occurred, as shown through their own video camera.

  3. “Porky’s” – One of the greatest classic sexual movies for guys is this comedy about a group on high school students hoping to lose their virginity. The nudity is provided in excess and the comedy is ridiculously fun. This movie is the reason films like “American Pie” exist.

  4. “Y Tu Mama Tambien” – This is a sexual movie for guys, following two friends who take a road trip through Mexico with an older woman. Along the way, the three explore their sexuality in a number of intense situations. The movie received one Oscar nomination.

  5. “Zack and Miri”Kevin Smith directs this sexual movie for guys, following two friends who decide to make a pornographic movie in order to make ends meet. Real life porn star Katie Morgan co-stars and has a number of complete nude scenes to excite most males.

  6. “Showgirls” – This is often considered one of the worst movies of all time but is a perfect addition to any list of sexual movies for guys. Elizabeth Berkley, best known for her role on TV’s “Saved by the Bell,” stars as a stripper who goes to Vegas to make her name. The sex scenes in this movie caused its NC-17 rating.

  7. “Nine 1/2 Weeks”Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger star in this explicit sexual movie for guys. Basinger is a woman who has an affair with a deviant man, played by Rourke. The movie plays out a number of erotic scenes, the best of which involve food.

  8. “Emmanuelle” – This classic sexual movie for guys features a bored housewife in Bangkok whose husband convinces her to explore her sexuality through encounters with strangers. While slightly dated today, the sex scenes are still hot and very unique.

  9. “Pirates” – “Pirates” is a porn off-take of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” but it is more than just a basic pornographic movie. At the time of its production, it had the largest budget of any porn, starring Jesse Jane and Evan Stone in this story of pirates and the battle of good versus evil.

  10. “Striptease” – Demi Moore stars in this movie as a stripper who is in the middle of a giant battle to retain custody of her child. When she makes an agreement with a congressman, played by Burt Reynolds, to trade favors for help, she is swept into a dangerous series of events.

- Shawn Lealos