Have you ever wished there was a decent list of good sex scenes in movies so you wouldn’t have to waste time watching movies that are really bad, too romantic or just plain boring? While there have been entire site on the Internet devoted to that very thing, but since you’re here, why not see our recommendations from some of the best, some of the most comical and some of the downright naughty ones?

  1. “Monster’s Ball” Halle Berry won an Oscar (the first one for an African-American actress) for her work in this film, but the only thing most guys remember is her sex scene in this movie with Billy Bob Thorton (of all people) taking here doggystyle by a couch while she grunted in semi-satisfaction.

  2. “9 Songs” As this film was in production, there were rumors that the sex scenes in this movie weren’t being choreographed, but were real. As it turns out, the rumors were true. The admission got the film banned in a few countries and caused an immense debate over whether the film should be considered porn or not.

  3. “Black Swan” Stars Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman had the most talked about sex scene in movies when this film was released. Their passionate make out session, coupled with some intimate kissing down below, really lit up the screen and had tongues wagging for movie goers nationwide.  

  4. “Desperado” It was Salma Hayek’s first big role for U.S. audiences (she had previously been known in Mexico as a popular soap star), so director Robert Rodríguez wanted her to make a big impression. Her sex scene in this movie with Antonio Banderas is probably one of the most memorable things about it.

  5. “Showgirls” How bad is the sex scene in this movie? The writer, director and star saw their respective careers virtually destroyed after the film’s release. Now considered a cult classic for its-so-bad-its-good premise, its famous sex scene between stars Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan is now considered one of the best parts of the movie.

  6. “Frida” If audiences thought they had seen star Salma Hayek’s best sex scene performance in “Desperado,” then they were caught off guard for the multiple sex scenes in this movie. It was the sheer passion that she brought to the role of surrealist Mexican painter (and openly bisexual) Frida Cahlo that really wowed the star’s fans. In the film, she goes topless for both men and women, scoring big in the spank banks of everyone who saw it.

  7. “Pirates” (R-rated version) Originally released as an adult movie, it became so popular that the studio re-released it as an R-rated film (by cutting some of the more graphic sex scenes in the movie). The film still shows female lead Jesse Jane’s nude sex scenes with, well, a health portion of the entire cast.  

  8. “9 ½ Weeks” There are so many sex scenes in this movie that it’s hard to keep track of them all, but the initial encounter between Kim Bassinger and Mickey Rourke ranks as one of the best. The story centers on their agreement to carry on an anonymous, slightly dominant-submissive relationship. If sexy food play is your thing, then this is the movie for you.

  9. “Unfaithful” Diane Lane plays a married woman whose affair with a much younger man (Oliver Martinez) winds up turning into sexual obsession. In one of the best sex scenes in movies in recent years, she attempts to end the affair, storms out of his apartment only to be overcome by her lust as he follows her to the staircase and virtually tears her clothes off as she’s practically panting with desire.

  10. “Boogie Nights” It’s not more than 30 minutes into the film when viewers are greeted with what will be many sex scenes in this movie (the first being with the beautiful Heather Graham) about the beginnings of the modern porn industry.

-Mark Dodson