What is it about sex scenes in bathrooms that is so popular. Sure, sex in the shower is a common bathroom sex scene, but there are a number of other scandalous, erogenous, rough and hot sex scenes that take place in the bathroom. Maybe that's your thing, who's to judge? If you like bathroom sex scenes or just want to know how they do it in the bathroom in the movies, check out these films.

  1. "Unfaithful." This sex scene has Diane Lane, one of the most attractive older actresses working in cinema, having sex in a restaurant bathroom with a man she is having an affair on her husband with (hence the title). There is a very nice use of the tops of the stalls in this scene, for handholds. This should be noted if ever having sex in a public bathroom.

  2. "Stepbrothers." John C. Reilly is one of two childlike step-brothers in this hilarious comedy from Adam McKay. In one scene, Reilly is in a restaurant bathroom when a woman who has been basically stalking him runs in there with him, pulls down his pants and humps him awkwardly. Definitely one of the funniest bathroom sex scenes on film.

  3. "Get Him to the Greek." Jonah Hill is trying to get his crazy musician client to a gig at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles (again, hence the title) when he ends up cheating on his girlfriend by having sex with a woman in a single stall of a bathroom. This is a short, one-shot sex scene that is laugh out-loud hilarious.

  4. "Down in the Valley." The young Evan Rachel Wood takes control of a guy in this bathroom sex scene, pushing him down on the floor and having her way with him. Tile is cold, just for future reference.

  5. "Dreamers." This sex scene from the relativel unknown film "The Dreamers" is between Michael Pitt and Eva Green and is about as raw as bathroom sex scenes come. It is a little disturbing, as Eva Green loses her virginity in it.