There is something for everyone in summer movies from 2010. The noteworthy actors in these films provide for a wide range of tastes. Whether it is a kid-friendly cartoon, a teen-themed romance or a big-budget action flick, the movies released in the summer of 2010 have got it all.

  1. “Iron Man 2.” Released in May of 2010, this summer movie is a sequel to the successful original. Robert Downey, Jr. reprises his role as billionaire inventor Tony Stark, whose high-tech suit gives him superhuman abilities. Stark faces pressure from the government to share his technology, all while dealing with some new adversaries.

  2. Shrek Forever After.” Another sequel from summer movies 2010, this May release continued the comedic story of the lovable ogre Shrek. In an attempt to deal with his boredom and complacency, Shrek is tricked by Rumpelstiltskin and sent to a warped version of his home. Shrek must avoid being hunted down as he tries to find a way back to the world he knows.

  3. “Sex and the City 2.” Carrie and the gang reunite for a globe-trekking adventure in this summer movie from May of 2010. As Carrie, Sarah Jessica Parker joins her three best friends on a trip to Abu Dhabi. There, she has a chance meeting with an old flame, which throws her life choices into question.

  4. “The A-Team.” This update of the classic TV series first appeared on screens in June of 2010. In the summer movie version, Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper star as members of a team of war veterans wrongly imprisoned after a top-secret mission. After busting out and attempting to clear their names, they unravel a CIA plot that puts them all in danger.

  5. “Get Him to the Greek.” In his role as a temperamental rock star, Russell Brand is appropriately unpredictable in this 2010 summer movie. Jonah Hill plays a record company employee who has to get Brand to an upcoming concert in Los Angeles. Hill’s attempts to corral Brand prove to be disastrous, and his assignment proves more difficult than he imagined.

  6. “The Karate Kid.” As another 1980's update for 2010, this June release is a retelling of the classic film. Jaden Smith takes the title role as a Detroit kid who moves to China with his mother. Smith is bullied by his peers, but improves his situation when he learns lessons about life and kung fu from Jackie Chan’s maintenance man character.

  7. “Toy Story 3.” The third installment in the popular “Toy Story” franchise, this 2010 summer movie once again features the beloved characters voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. Part of a group of sentient toys, Woody and Buzz Lightyear find themselves mistakenly delivered to a daycare center. While there, they encounter a devious teddy bear who serves as the center’s oppressive ruler.

  8. “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” Kristen Stewart returns as Bella in this 2010 summer movie adaptation of the fantasy novel. As Bella wrestles with her feelings for vampire Edward and werewolf Jacob, she must also deal with danger at every turn. A series of murders and mysterious actions by the two factions add weight to Bella’s decisions. 

  9. “Inception.” In this mind-bending summer movie released in June of 2010, Leonardo DiCaprio gets star billing. He plays Cobb, a thief who is an expert at stealing subconscious thought through technology. During the most important job of Cobb’s career, he encounters dangerous dream elements that could destroy him.

  10. “The Other Guys.” Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell play incompatible cops forced to work together in this 2010 summer movie. As they work to uncover a high-profile investment scheme, Wahlberg and Ferrell must put their differences aside to crack the case.