One of the better half-hour dark comedy series to ever be on television, Showtime's "Weeds" tells the story of a suburban woman who starts selling pot to pay the bills after her husband dies. Beyond the unique yet most likely accurate premise about suburban pot dealers in this day and age, what makes "Weeds" stand out from every other show on television is it's writing and it's cast. Check out the main players in "Weeds," listed below.

Mary-Louise Parker. The suburban Mom and star of the show, Mary-Louise Parker has been around for decades as a pretty, supporting lady. She had smaller roles in a number of popular films throughout the 1990's and a reoccurring role on "The West Wing" before she landed the lead of Nancy Botwin on "Weeds," a career-making role. She may personify the quintessential MILF these days, as she's a middle-aged woman who is absolutely gorgeous but realistically plays it down.

Hunter Parrish. Hunter Parrish plays Silas Botwin, Mary-Louise Parker's oldest son who is trying to help keep the family together despite his mother's illegal dealings. By far his best known role, Parrish has also been seen as a kid in movies like "RV" and "It's Complicated." He has the chance to be a leading man in the future. His work on "Weeds" is solid, and he has the looks to match his considerable talent. Keep your eye on him!

Alexander Gould. Playing Shane, the youngest son of the Botwin's, Alexander Gould has had a relatively successful career in front of the camera and off to the side of it. He also played the titular voice of Nemo in Disney / Pixar's film "Finding Nemo." He's a strange character on the show and regularly offers some comic relief as young boys who are coming of age in a dysfunctional household often tend to do. His dialog tends to run closest to what the audience is probably thinking, making him one of the most endearing characters on the show.

Kevin Nealon. Already famous for his roles on a number of different comedy television shows and bit parts in films, as well as a cast spot on "Saturday Night Live," Nealon plays Doug Wilson, who is regularly stoned and helps the Botwin family with their dealings. Nealon proves he may be one of the best comedic character actors out there through this role, helping to reinvigorate an already long and prosperous career by making him appeal comically to a younger demographic. "Weekend Update" may be long behind him, but the man can still tickle your funny bone, especially on a platform as wide open as a premium-cable comedy.

Justin Kirk. Justin Kirk plays Andy Botwin, the brother of the deceased father of the Botwin family, who is there to help out in any way he can. He's by far the funniest character on the show, as he's single, always getting into mischief and has a wry, hilarious outlook on the world. Or maybe the writers just give him all the best, witty lines. Sadly, Kirk hasn't made as much of an impression on any of the other shows or films he has appeared in, making "Weeds" his best role so far. But that's not say he doesn't have the acting chops. In fact, just watching him on this show has probably turned a lot of doubters into believers.

Elizabeth Perkins. Playing the nosey neighbor Cecilia Hodes, Elizabeth Perkins has her own career-making role in "Weeds," being laughably hateful throughout her time on the series. She epitomizes the obnoxious American suburbanite woman better then just about anyone, ever. Only a great actress can make you dislike her so much yet rely on her as a stalwart of the show and Perkins walks this tightrope perfectly. It doesn't hurt that she's easy on the eyes as well, right fellas?