Seeing the future can be a dangerous thing, just ask the golden-hued Nicolas Cage who stars in "Next" as a man with the ability to do just that. His power gets him involved in all manner of futuristic adventures involving Jessica Biel, but in case you're in the mood for something a little bit precognitive but without all that Cage getting in the way, here are five other movies about seeing the future - and changing it.


"Minority Report"

Like "Next," "Minority Report" is based on a story by Philip K. Dick, and features a mutant with the ability to look into the future. Unlike "Next," "Minority Report" has master Steven Spielberg behind the camera, so this is as suspenseful a chase through the future as you could possibly hope for. The plot has to do with "Precrime," an organization that uses precognition to detain individuals who will commit murder in the future. Or will they? Tom Cruise runs away, you know the drill.


"The Dead Zone"

Christopher Walken is a worthy rival to Nicolas Cage in the "This Guy Is F*cking Crazy" department, but he's on his best behavior in this harrowing thriller from David Cronenberg. Walken plays a man with the blessing/curse of being able to see (and feel) the future of anyone he touches. Unfortunately, the future's not all bright, and Walken ends up being one of those nuts with a sniper rifle gunning for a presidential candidate.


"Source Code"

Take the high-octane, high-concept scifi premise of a movie like "Next," but add a little but of "Groundhog Day" and a lot of scientific gobbledygook and you have "Source Code." The premise is that Jake Gyllenhaal is on a train that's about to explode from a terrorist attack. Thanks to some weird scientific process, he has to live the last 8 minutes of someone else's life over and over again until he can find out who detonated the bomb. Sound confusing? It totally is. But exciting, too.


"Don't Look Now"

Not all movies having to do with precognition are fast-paced chase thrillers. This is more of a suspenseful horror movie, and the precognitions tend to be so subtle that they're easy to miss. Still, the use of visual and aural motifs tends to give the audience the feeling that they might be psychic too. So don't go to any casinos too soon after watching "Don't Look Now." You'll be too scared to leave your house anyway.



Another poorly-reviewed chase thriller based on a Phillip K Dick story, just like "Next"! This one stars Ben Affleck as a corporate businessman who agrees to have his memory wiped to work on a very lucrative three-year project. But when he comes out of it, his paycheck is gone and he's on the run from some nasty bad guys. The plot has to do with precognition, memory erasure, time travel, and some other heady subjects, but mostly it's just pretty good action movie from pretty-good-action master John Woo.