Screw ‘Avatar': 8 Movies That Deserve An Amusement Park Ride

Wednesday, September 21 by

Silence Of The Lambs

Dr. Lecter’s Hall Of Horrors is a terrifying trip into the mind of a madman. As you walk down the row of cells in the darkened sanitarium, you can hear the taunts and cries of fellow inmates (here played by college kids on summer break). You might even feel sticky liquid thrown at you. If you make it to the end without chickening out, a psychotic cannibal will try to get in your head and torment you with your most scarring memories.


Poltergeist could give a fun spin to the classic haunted house attraction. You give your ticket to the dwarf woman at the entrance and then as your cart begins to roll through the suburban nightmare, you’re greeted with flashing lights and the sound of static. Then silence, followed by a small voice announcing, “They’re heeere.” Then the ride speeds up with tree limbs, scary clowns, and muddy skeletons all reaching out to grab you.


We’re not exactly sure how this one would work out. It could make for a pretty sweet House Of Mirrors with rubbery little lizard dudes popping out all around you. There’s also potential for a pretty cool water ride, with new Gremlins being born all around you and reaching into your flume. One thing is for sure, though; we’re pretty certain that the ride shouldn’t involve ALF. Shame on you, Germany.

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