Screw ‘Avatar': 8 Movies That Deserve An Amusement Park Ride

Wednesday, September 21 by
I used to watch scrambled Cinemax like this. 

The announcement that James Cameron and Disney are teaming to create Avatar: The Ride seems like a no-brainer. The movie made butt-clumps of cash and the instantly recognizable characters live in a lush world of breathtaking beauty. Also, there are these, like, dragon things they fly on. It only makes sense that the world of Pandora would me immortalized as a thrill-ride.

However, there are a few other films out there that deserved their chance to frighten and exhilarate thousands of excited fans. But alas, for some reason or another, the deals never went through. Here are seven films that would undoubtedly make kick-ass amusement park attractions.

Final Destination 3

Though it would be tough to get the insurance companies on board, Final Destination 3 would make an excellent roller-coaster. Think of how scared you and your friends would be knowing that the brakes and safety equipment could give at any moment. But which moment? It’s the anticipation that’s truly scary.


Titanic has thrill ride written all over it. Imagine the rush as you cling to a railing with icy water rushing to meet you. Then your life boat-shaped pod drops and stops just short of making a splash before rising up and doing it all over again.

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