Score a GOOOOOAAAAALLLL with these Soccer Movies

Thursday, October 20 by Jason Stevenski

Ladybugs Rodney Dangerfield Soccer Movie

Naming the top five soccer movies can be a challenging task. There are thousands of soccer movies from around the world and most of them are not well-known to everybody because they did not have strong releases in the United States. Producers of soccer movies are either trying to get viewers from the few soccer sports highlights fans in the United States or hoping to get all those international viewers that love soccer on a daily basis. Let us kick off our list of the top five soccer movies of all time with a classic favorite. 

Soccer Movies The Big Green

"The Big Green" Nothing compares to the humor that "The Big Green" contains. This top five soccer movie follows a dysfunctional group of kids who are learning to play soccer and compete. They overcome fears. They fight with their parents to play the game. They learn valuable lessons. This movie is almost like the "Mighty Ducks" minus the ice.

Soccer Movies Shaolin Soccer

"Shaolin Soccer" consists of a group of kung fu master monks who use their kung fu on their way to fighting for the highly coveted Super Cup. This movie is in the top five best soccer movies because it can make any real soccer fan crack up with laughter and brings out humor very similar to " Soccer Movies Ladybugs

"Ladybugs" Rodney Dangerfield makes this movie a top five contender all by himself. His humor brings out his difficult situation as he is thrown in as the head coach of a girl's soccer team for his boss and his company. 

Soccer Movie Bend It Like Beckham

"Bend It Like Beckham" This 2002 movie makes the top five list for soccer movies because it has a story that is wholly inspirational. A young Indian girl loves David Beckham and wants to be a great soccer player just like him. She struggles to attain her goals with the many obstacles in her path. Any true soccer fan must see this movie at least once. Keira Knightley plays her best friend on the team.

Soccer Movies Victory

"Victory" This classic film features Nazi prisoners who challenge their oppressors to a soccer match. Sylvester – Justin Glodowski

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