Scarlett Johansson Leads Off 8 Stupid Celebrity TV Commericals

Tuesday, October 25 by

Shannon Doherty for Education Connection

We reap what we sew. Shannon Doherty developed a reputation after being a bitch on set and getting into fights in public. That’s okay though. She’s Shannon Doherty! Star of a few seasons of Beverly Hills 90210. She’s infallible and the money tree will never dry up. Unless, of course, you live in reality. Which we do. This is ouch.

Luke Wilson for AT&T

After a series of attack ads by Verizon, AT&T had no choice but to respond in kind. Their secre weapon? Chubby Luke Wilson. It might seem like an extreme move on their part, but they needed to defend their honor. The only way to properly do that is to drag out the star of Old School.

Matt LeBlanc for Heinz Ketchup

Technically this Heinz commercial was filmed before Matt LeBlanc rose to fame. But it is plenty stupid so it makes the list. This has got to be the very worst way to apply ketchup to a hot dog. First of all, despite the denim and knowing glances there’s no way to look cool while doing this. You only coming off looking like a nut/nerd. Secondly, how does that ketchup magically stop pouring after the desired amount is on the hot dog? Matt LeBlanc would have needed an accomplice to pull this off. Otherwise, he’s just making a mess all of that poor guy’s hot dog cart.

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