Scarlett Johansson Leads Off 8 Stupid Celebrity TV Commericals

Tuesday, October 25 by

Dolce & Gabbana has released a new commercial featuring Scarlett Johansson which promotes the practice of laughing at a pretty girl’s jokes no matter how retarded they may be. I think. Or maybe it was perfume. The ad mostly features a dolled up Johansson looking pretty hot and spouting off witticisms picked out of Woody Allen’s garbage bin while the camera dances across her face. All in all, not a bad ad (assuming the volume is down, and you’re huffing spray paint). Check it out.

But Scarlett isn’t the first celebrity to star in a stupid commercial. In fact, here are seven more actors and actresses shilling their dignity away. WARNING: The following videos may include footage that will make you feel sad.

M. Night Shyamalan for American Express

M. Night Shyamalan should know by now that bad things happen when he appears on camera. But American Express was happy enough with his acting ability to cast him as a guy noticing weird stuff happening in a restaurant. But the twist is, the guy wasn’t actually in the restaurant after all. Does that mean the waitress gushing about The Village never existed? I’m willing to bet, yes.

Mr. T for Flavor Wave Oven Turbo

It’s sad to see Mr. T treated like one of the fools he had formally pitied.

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