In the 2007 movie "Sunshine", Cillian Murphy and Chris Evan star as astronauts on a space mission to save planet Earth. But why would they travel all the way to outer space if Earth is down here? For the answer to this question, look no further than the title of this science fiction film–"Sunshine." They must reignite the dying sun by hitting it with a stellar bomb that equals the city of Manhattan in mass. Similar to "Sunshine", many other filmmakers have found other interesting ways to put the world as we know it in danger, these 3 movies are at the top of the list.

"Independence Day"

Just like the sun needs to be on the receiving end of a bomb to be reenergized in the movie "Sunshine", Will Smith's character Captain Steven Hiller must get a nuclear bomb inside an alien mothership that has unleashed a vicious attack on Earth in order to destroy it. In this hit science fiction film, "Independence Day," 36 flying saucers exit from the mothership and begin eliminating entire cities, including Washington D.C. It is looking like there will be a lot more than just a fireworks show on July 4th if these aliens are not exiled from the land of the living. The weight of the entire world rests on a few brave individuals–just as it does in "Sunshine." Now that is what we call a high-pressure job.

"The Day After Tomorrow

Once again, director Roland Emmerich takes on the complete extinction of mankind (as he did when he directed "Independence Day") as well as tackles the Mayan inspired myth of 2012. Similar to "Sunshine," detrimental temperature problems are afoot, but not because the sun is burning out–now, Earth is freezing over. However, this time nature is above our man-made technology and covering the globe with ceramic heaters is not going to stop this modern "Ice Age" from happening. Instead of saving the world, which appears to be impossible when the enemy is global warming, Dennis Quaid's character prefers to bare the unbearable arctic elements from Philadelphia to New York City as he treks around on foot trying to find his son.


When it comes to saving the world, there is no better word in the English language to describe this problem of all problems than this movie's title–"Armageddon." With Michael Bay, the "King of Ka-Boom!," directing the destruction, saving the world from an extinction becomes an exciting situation to watch. This time around, the fight against the end of the world is not fought on planet Earth, it is waged up in outer space (similar to "Sunshine"), and NASA has sent deep core drillers to stop an asteroid big enough to bounce us all clean out of the galaxy. The "rock" stars that will save the planet from getting stoned to death include actors Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck.