Save The Clock Tower! And These Other Movie Landmarks

Thursday, December 1 by

The Firehouse – Ghostbusters

The firehouse that the Ghostbusters set up shop in is actually a functioning firehouse in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood. The Hook & Ladder 8 remains open for now. The mayor was threatening to close it along with nineteen other firehouses due to budget cuts. But public outcry, along with some outcry from Steve Buscemi, have staved0 off the closure for now. Occupy the Ghostbusters Firehouse!

Camp Crystal Lake – Friday the 13th

Did you know that the sight of all those murders is actually a functioning Boy Scout camp in New Jersey? It’s true. Camp NoBeBoSco was used to film the horror classic Friday the 13th in 1980. Visitors are discouraged unless they reach out to the Camping Division at the Northern New Jersey Council first as the camp is still in use by the Scouts. I’m betting there’s a lot of bed wetting.

Bushwood Country Club – Caddyshack

The Bushwood Country Club remains one of the most famous courses in movie history. However, it is non-existent. The links actually exist in Florida at the Rolling Hills Hotel and Resort. (insert gopher joke here)

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